Other Writers

One things that inspires me within the telecommunication program is the quality of the peers I work with. This week, I decided to explore some of their blogs as sort of a break from the chaos of finals week. Here are some of the ones worth checking out that have to do with cooking. Like Marjorie Rawlings, I have a deep passion for cooking scrumptious dishes, especially for other people. Marjorie used to say that she didn’t mind people critiquing her literary work, however, she never tolerated any critique of her cooking. Aside from the amazing journalistic work my peers produce, they also happen to be good cooks or food admirers. For those of you who need quick fix meals, you might find it useful to check out Alexa Padilla’s blog, where she posts several easy, delicious, and healthy recipes, like this turkey chili recipe. For college students like myself who cannot afford fancy kitchen tools or ingredients, Sarah Samuels’s Easy  Recipes for Poor College Kids might be a good cooking guide. I mean, she features a recipe for Rocky Road Cookie Pizza, which is my latest obsession. Finally, one of my favorite of my peers’s blogs is Brittany Wienke’s blog, called Freshly Pressed and Dressed. Her writing particularly hits home to me because she not only features great recipes, but also highlights Gainesville as a unique food community. Especially a pizza community, which I have no complaints about. 🙂


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