Other Writers Part II

While I love cooking, and while I love using it as a method of procrastination, all I’m really thinking about is the end of this semester. In less than one week, I will be home hanging with my parents, playing with my adorable dog, and spending time with my boyfriends who will be home from his grad school in Washington. I have to remind myself of these things about every ten minutes, in order to keep me going. Therefore, as part of my assignment to highlight additional blogs written by my classmates, I will feature those that deal with countdowns… as I countdown till winter break.

First off, check out Zac Blobner’s blog, where he discusses the woes of being an anxious and exhausted senior in such a demanding program like telecommunication at UF. I can especially relate to his advice to sleep anywhere at any time. I also appreciate Stephanie Jones’s lighthearted attitude for the end of the world in Blank Days Until the End of the World. Although I’m only anticipated the end of the semester, I have adopted a similar happy-go-lucky mindset. Finally, as a distraction from the stress of finals week, I’ve enjoyed reading Hannah Schrader’s blog, called I Can Hear the Bells. Not only is Hannah an incredible writer, but she is also planning her wedding!!! Talk about inspiration. School, pending graduation, and a wedding to plan?! She is my new telecomm hero.

I hope you enjoy reading some of the work of my classmates. One of the best things about the telecommunication program at UF is the variety of characters that are a part of this major. These links should give you a little bit of insight into the greatness of our diversity.


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