Cross Creek, and the innate madness in us all.

This clip is from the film adaptation of Marjorie’s memoir, Cross Creek. I believe this scene exemplifies one of my favorite qualities about Marjorie: her audacity to do what she loved- even if it meant leaving her comfort zone in every sense. Marjorie was a Yankee journalist who made a decent living with her husband at the time, Charles. They came to Florida in hopes of profiting off the citrus industry, but mainly so that Marjorie could be the master novelist she always dreamed of becoming. In every aspect imaginable, she was an outsider to the Crackers who inhabited the area.

In this scene, Marjorie arrives to her new home at Cross Creek with a mix of wonder and anxiety. Her Cracker-style home was not some lavish, exotic wonderland that so many Northerners imagined Florida to be.

Or was it? Perhaps in the traditional sense, it was not, which is what immediately struck her. Those thoughts of, “am I crazy for doing this?” Marjorie acknowledges in the memoir that everyone at Cross Creek must be at least a little mad. But then her sense of security and wonder in this place kicks in, and she not only becomes a friend of these Crackers that looked at her strangely, but also writes beautiful stories about them, including The Yearling.

I greatly admire Marjorie’s guts in making this move to Cross Creek. As someone who is currently going through a very large transition herself, I am trying my best to adopt her self-confidence and her hunger for greatness. It is so frightening to make a decision, or derive a plan, that is quite nontraditional, even though it feels right for you. Every day that I tell people I want to get my MFA in documentary production after I graduate, I get a plethora of reactions. Some are clueless as to what the even means, some are extremely supportive, and others are very hesitant and doubtful.

I am hoping one day soon I’ll have that moment of revelation where I can say, yes this was crazy, but it was right for me. And hey, it worked out.


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